Benefits of

Compressed Natural Gas

 Cost-effective for fleets
 Domestically Produced
 Increased engine compression and combustion efficiency
 Burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel

CNG Benefits

CNG Compressed Natural Gas is soon to become the leading source of fuel. It is a fossil fuel alternative that was recently introduced to the market as a way to provide a better option for fueling. Approximately 99% of natural gas is produced domestically which has obvious benefits on our economy in a major way. It is partly for this reason that the cost of CNG fuel is so relatively low compared to more traditional fuel options such as gasoline or diesel. In addition to being more affordable CNG also burns cleaner thus safer for the environment. CNG produces approximately 95% less carbon. Besides being cheaper, cleaner, and safer CNG fuel has multiple advantages that all benefit you. To learn more about all the advantages CNG can present to you please contact us.

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