Benefits of

Compressed Natural Gas

 Cost-effective for fleets
 Domestically Produced
 Increased engine compression and combustion efficiency
 Burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel

Patriot CNG offers fueling systems that ensure a seamlessly integrated, low cost, efficient means to provide electricity and fueling solutions at a low cost to end users. Patriot specializes in fleet fueling facility design, construction, operation and maintenance. If your fleet has over six vehicles, we can save you money.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is soon to become the leading source of fuel. Vehicles powered by CNG offer substantial advantages over vehicles powered by gasoline or deisel. CNG typically costs significantly less than a gasoline or diesel gallon equivalent at the pump, and isn't impacted by the global issues that drive market price volatility.

CNG vehicles often deliver similar horsepower ratings to their diesel and gasoline-powered counterparts. Premium gasoline is 91 octane. Natural gas has an octane rating of approximately 130. This higher octane allows for increased engine compression and combustion efficiency.

In addition to being more affordable CNG also burns cleaner thus safer for the environment. And, because of the clean burning attributes of natural gas, NGVs generally have longer engine life compared to most gasoline-powered vehicles.

CNG is a cheaper, cleaner, and safer alternative to fueling. To learn more about all the advantages CNG can present to you please contact us.

With over 150 years of combined experience, the five managing members of Patriot CNG offer excellence in design, construction, marketing and leadership to this dynamic industry.

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