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Patriot CNG is the East Coast's premier Design/Build Mechanical Construction Firm specializing in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) infrastructure. From start to finish, Patriot's highly experienced staff can lead you through each phase of the project, customizing a solution that works best for your needs. 

The five founding members of Patriot CNG  bring over 150 years of combined excellence in design, construction, marketing and leadership to this dynamic organization. The Patriot Team combines this collective past experience to bring compressed natural gas to new markets for the benefit of our commercial customers. Each member brings a superb skill set that will make Patriot the industry leader.

At Patriot CNG we not only care that we've completed our obligations to the highest level of your satisfaction, we also care about the success of your business. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that we equipped you with whatever it is that you need for your business to survive among some of the best fueling stations in the world. The CNG industry has become a competitive market over the years and our experts predicts that it will only get more competitive. Let us help you get the edge you need to provide exceptional long term performance. 

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